Energy Saving Glazing

With all Ultimate 70 `energy saving` windows an insulating glazing unit is produced using two panes of glass, one having a special coating to improve its low energy ?rating, they are then paired with a `Warm Edge Technology` product to further enhance its performance.

This composite engineered material, combining highly insulated ?plastic with an ultra thin stainless steel membrane creates a spacer tube and forms the main perimeter of the unit.

The Warm Edge Spacer Tube has several other properties. Due to its construction it is capable of retaining a rigid form, which initially assists with the longevity of the unit. Secondly, the top surface of the tube has a perforated facility working in conjunction with a moisture absorbent material (desiccant) filling the inner core area, ensuring the air gap between the glass panes remain mist-free. Another feature of the specification is that it allows for the introduction of solid fixings when decorative grilles are required for an aesthetic appearance.

The internal gap between the glass panes is filled with ‘Argon’, an inert gas, this further enhances the unit both in acoustic reduction and temperature control. To prevent any leakage of the gas, all joints & corners are then sealed. The rebate area (created by the glass panes & Warm Edge Spacer Tube) is then finally filled level, by a specialist sealant. The completed unit is then taped for protection & handling.

  • Achieves grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ within the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) scheme
  • Longer life expectancy AND performance due to construction
  • Better sound proofing (absorbs more noise than traditional windows)
  • Helps to reduce condensation (growth of mould / harmful bacteria) Decorative glass grilles secured with a solid fixing
  • Lower household heating costs can be gained Environmentally friendly due to its properties.

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has introduced a scheme which grades Energy windows ‘G’ to ‘A’. To comply with current Document L regulations. it is only necessary to USE an ‘E’ grade rating. By introducing Ultimate 70 Glass within our window product range, higher energy ratings can be achieved.

Please Note: ‘A’ Rated frames are only available in white finish

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